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I have a long history of being alive going back well into the 60's. This has worked mostly to my advantage. Occasionally not so much though, like the time Mum sent me shopping and I lost the twenty pound note. I am an aspiring Sci-Fi writer, as of yet unpublished. I am currently focused on getting into the Writers of the Future anthology. This is by far the most prestigious writing competition in the world and has launched the careers of multiple famous Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors. So far I have achieved a Semi-finalist position for the short story "For Annie" which was personally critiqued by author, Kathy Wentworth. I also received an honorable mention for the short story "And made He a woman". I have entered the competition twice and was invited to the awards show in Hollywood in 2008. My current work in progress is a short story titled "Sentenced to Innocence."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finished Sentenced to Innocence

Aha, I finally finished my latest story, Sentenced to Innocence. Now to prepare it for the send off to the Writers of the Future anthology in time for the second quarter submission. This will be my third entry into the competition. The first entry won a semi-finalist place and I received a personal critique of my story "For Annie" by well known author Kathy Wentworth. The second won a quarter finalist place. The third - well, we'll see wont we.


If you're a friend and would like to read, Sentenced to Innocence, just ask and ye shall receive.

Friday, March 20, 2009

You know what's weird.

We haven't had any ants so far this year. It kind of makes me nervous, like the quiet before the storm. You dont think they're planning something big this year do you? Like we'll come home and find they've changed the locks.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eve's Song

This is a poem that I wrote back in 2004. I know little about poetry but this still captured the spirit I intended so I'm pleased with it.

Eve’s Song

 A virgin Princess was I, well loved and fair

With none to compare, I the only daughter of my Lord

His heart well vested in me, his eye well pleased with his creation

The perfect maiden to give suck to the sons of humanity


What was mine that I brought from the dust to earn his trust?

What gifts did I bear, what jewel so rare, to purchase a life?

From nothing I came and into my hand the wealth of the land delivered

Peace and joy my constant companions under the sun of a father’s love


And you feigning misconception with your beady eyes

Breathing lies and spinning truth for deception

I not shrewd, so new in the world, my wisdom unfurled

too late to stay a conceited heart drunk with her own beauty


So I took from my lord the thing he had kept from me

My ingrate heart leapt and made me queen supreme

Ruler of my own desire and mother of misery

And now I weep for my children who know not what was lost 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Opening Blog

So you found my blog - excellent. Yep.... Sooo.... How are you?